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| Books |

California Practice Guide: Civil Appeals and Writs
(The Rutter Group 1989, updated annually)


The Right vs. The Right to Die (2006) (nonfiction
account of the Terri Schiavo case)



| Journals |

Twelve Prose Poems by Roger J. Traynor (With a
Nod to Charles Baudelaire)
(2008) 9 Journal of
Appellate Practice and Process 245

Schiavo on the Cutting Edge: Functional Brain
Imaging and Its Impact on Surrogate End-Of-Life
(2008) 1 Neuroethics 75

Bush v. Schiavo and the Separation of Powers: Why a State Legislature Cannot Empower a Governor to Order Medical Treatment When There is a Final Court Judgment That the Patient Would Not Want It (2005) 7 Journal of Law & Social Challenges 81

(co-authored with Terri Keville)

Unmasking ‘crack smoking jesus”: Do Internet
Service Providers Have a Tarasoff Duty to Divulge the Identity of a Subscriber Who is Making Death Threats?
(2003) 25 Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal (Comm/Ent) 683
(co-authored with Jeremy B. Rosen)

Legal implications of the Wendland case for end-of-life decision making (2002) 176 Western Journal of Medicine 124 (co-authored with J. Clark Kelso)

Sanctions on Appeal: A Survey and a Proposal for Computation Guidelines (1985) 20
University of San Francisco Law Review 13

Lugosi v. Universal
Pictures: Descent of the Right of Publicity

(1978) 29 Hastings Law Journal 751

| Periodicals |

California Practice Guide: Civil Procedure Bulletin (The Rutter Group 1991-1993)

Appellate Procedure, in Civil Litigation Reporter
(California Continuing Education of the Bar

Action Guide: Handling Civil Appeals
(California Continuing Education
of the Bar, 1st ed. 1985)

| Book Chapters and Supplements |

The Continuing Assault on Personal Autonomy in the Wake of the Schiavo Case, in The Case of Terri Schiavo (Oxford University Press 2010)

Legal Research, in The Courts and the News Media (California Judges Association, 7th ed. 2002)

Remittitur, in California Civil Appellate Practice
(California Continuing Education of the Bar,
2d ed. 1985)

1982, 1983, and 1984 Supplements to
California Civil Appellate Practice

(California Continuing Education of the Bar 1966)

| Newspapers and Magazines |


Fixing Appellate Delay
(May 7, 2021) Los Angeles & San Francisco Daily Journal

Reflections on Becoming an Appellate Lawyer
Hall of Famer
(2020) California Litigation

Death Penalty Initiative Said to be Unrealistic
(May 16, 2016) Los Angeles &
San Francisco Daily Journal

Respect Patients’, not Hospitals’, End-Of-Life Wishes (March 22, 2016) San Francisco Chronicle
(with Kevin Diaz)

Finding success in the absence of victory (Jan. 3, 2013) Los Angeles & San Francisco Daily Journal

Judge Bybee’s cruelty: In approving torture, hisremoteness from the actual torturers increases his degree of responsibility (April 26, 2009)Philadelphia Inquirer

Taking Initiative (April 20, 2009) Los Angeles & San Francisco Daily Journal

Obama’s Bush league decision
(March 6, 2009)

The truth about that “liberal” against gay marriage
(Oct. 2, 2008)

More evidence of Bush’s spying: Why the White House can no longer hide the truth
about its warrantless surveillance of Americans

(Sept. 12, 2008)

Suing George W. Bush: A Bizarre and Troubling Tale (July 9, 2008)

Hey Supreme Court! Deciding same-sex marriage is not activism, it’s your job
 (March 21, 2008) The Recorder

Rashomedia (Dec. 14, 2007) The Recorder

Lockheed: A crash landing on stare decisis
(Nov. 9, 2007) The Recorder


Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation v. Blair?
(Oct. 20, 2007)


Not just another lie
(Aug. 10, 2007) The Recorder

An affirmative responsibility
(April 27, 2007) The Recorder

Aid-in-dying opponents represent narrow viewpoint
(Apr. 15, 2007) San Jose Mercury News

Resist the urge to surge
(Jan. 12, 2007) The Recorder

Plessy with a twist (Oct. 13, 2006) The Recorder

Strange bedfellows in pursuit of the law
(Sept. 15, 2006) The Oregonian

Following the money (March 4, 2005) The Recorder

Same-sex marriage: Is it 1896, or 1954?
(Feb. 27, 2004) The Recorder

Right to Die: Others Should Not Dictate Someone’s End-of-Life Choices (Aug. 6, 2001) Los Angeles &
San Francisco Daily Journal

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: An appellate
attorney gets a reality check

(Dec. 10, 1997) The Recorder

| Book Reviews |

Alexander Tsesis, For Liberty and Equality: The Life and Times of the Declaration of Independence
(2012), reviewed in
California Lawyer Magazine, Dec. 2012.

Emily M. Calhoun, Losing Twice: Harms of
Indifference in the Supreme Court
(2011), reviewed in California Lawyer Magazine, Sept. 2011.

Stephen Breyer, Making Our Democracy Work: A Judge’s View (2010), reviewed in California Lawyer Magazine, May 2010.

Seth Stern & Stephen Wermiel, Justice Brennan:
Liberal Champion
(2010), reviewed in California Lawyer Magazine, Nov. 2010.

Bert Useem & Anne Morrison Piehl, Prison State: The Challenge of Mass Incarceration (2008), reviewed in California Lawyer Magazine, April 2009

| Interviews |

Interview with Jon Eisenberg,
The Talking Dog (Nov. 25, 2014)

Q&A with Jon B. Eisenberg,
SuperLawyers Magazine (Aug. 2009)


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